Tuesday, August 30, 2011


That is what I call it. As you can tell this will probably be this grossest post I have ever written. It happens quite often.  Poo-plosions happen at church, home, the gym, middle of IKEA, Target, in the car, tons of places!
 The other day, Brady was playing in the sprinklers, and afterwards I was getting him dried off. Bryson was playing in his exersaucer, happily, and I came back to check on him. He was all smiles, but then I noticed something near his foot. Upon closer inspection, a poo-plosion had happened! And the poor baby had his foot in it! Gross I know, but being the awesome mom I am, I did not get him. Instead I went to get the camera, and then I cleaned him, and the exersaucer. Such fun!
Even more fun... In the baby carrier, in the middle of IKEA, very far away from the car. We had to do all full bath in the middle of an IKEA bathroom. Thankfully I managed to stay clean.
Not sure why this happens so much, but I do not remember it happening as much with Brady.
Oh well. It is gross, but it happens. Just glad that I have learned to always be prepared and you can never have too many extra outfits.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 years old

Seriously, how is my precious baby 3 years old? He has been for two months, but he seems so much older lately. He went to the doctors for his 3 year old well check, and he is perfect, and healthy. 
Today we bought school supplies, new shoes, and a new backpack, All of the preschool essentials. He is so excited, but I am a little sad. I know it will be great for everyone, but I just can't get over the fact that my baby is going to school. We meet his teacher on Tuesday, and he starts on Thursday the 8th. Next thing you know he will be graduating college. Wahhhh!   

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3 months old

Can you believe this baby is three months old? He is growing way too fast. 
 Some of his favorite things are anything with brother, baths, and getting sung to. Like I need to say this again, but he is so easy going, and really a fantastic baby.
 Probably should not take pictures after dinner. Brady is a mess, and Bryson would not smile, he was ready for bedtime. He still wakes up at night for a little snack, but he is no longer swaddled. He takes naps in his crib, but sometimes falls asleep in between while playing.
On one hand we can't wait to see how he grows and his personality, but mostly we are trying to cherish every moment because it just goes by way to fast! He is such a great baby, we are all so blessed.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bryson's Birth Story

Well now that Bryson is three months old I thought I would write about his birth story. For Brady's birth story you can read here, here, and here. Bryson's is not quite as long, so I think I can fit it in just one post, but it may be a long post.

Bryson was due on Monday, May 23rd 2011. We decided to wait until he was born to find out if he was a boy or a girl. (Spoiler alert: He was a boy!) I had a very good pregnancy compared to most people, but it was harder than the perfect pregnancy I had with Brady. Still can not decide if it was because it was a truly harder pregnancy, or if it was because I was chasing another little one around, and could not rest often. By mid May I was feeling pretty good, but I was really anxious to meet our baby, and see if we were having a boy or girl.
On Thursday May 19th, I woke up feeling great. We had a few errands, a trip to story time at the library, and a doctors appointment at 1:50. On our errands and at the library I had braxton hicks contractions that were really starting to get uncomfortable. I did not time them or anything, because they were not the super painful contractions, like real labor. I remember trying to listen to the story at storytime, while having a contraction, and wondering if I was in labor.
Once we got to the doctor, she checked me and I was 3cm dilated, and 80% effaced. After my doctor checked me she asked if I wanted her to strip my membranes. I was hesitant because I felt like I would be cheating if I did. She reassured me that it is just a natural way to help start labor, and I could start going into labor in the next 48 hours. We thought that sounded pretty good so we went for it.
Jeremy met Brady and I at the doctors appointment, so I had to drive the ten minutes home in my car. On the way home, I was hurting pretty bad, but it did not feel like labor, just what I thought was pain from the appointment. Once I got home, I decided to take a nice warm bath and relax, hopefully stopping the uncomfortableness. Brady kept interrupting my bath, so it was short lived. Once I got out, I talked to my sister in-law, and had a nice snack. (Cheddar cheese Ruffle chips, nice and healthy!)
I skyped my mom, to let her know that we might have the baby in the next 48 hours. While talking to her I decided to try out my cell phone contraction timer app. At first they were about 5 ish minutes apart. They were much less intense than with Brady so I just did not think I was in real labor. Jeremy called his mom and was ready to go to the hospital. At about 4 o'clock or so my contractions were 4 ish minutes apart, and I decided to put down the chips. It was fun skyping with my mom and timing my contractions. Jeremy really wanted to go to the hospital, but I still was not thinking I was in labor. I would whisper to my mom the time between contractions, and Jeremy would yell "let's go"! When my contractions got under 4 minutes, we decided to head out. Jeremy had already called his mom to come over and watch Brady, he was happily watching some old mickey mouse movie when we left.
We got to the hospital at 4:44pm. The nurse checked me, and called my doctor. I was at 7cm, and everyone knew my labor would go fast. My doctor is so amazing. Even though she was not on call, and could have headed home to her family, she decided to stay and deliver! Truly the best doctor ever! While in triage, I still did not think I was in real labor because it was not similar to labor with Brady. Then I threw up, and the real pain started at about 5:00. I knew we were in real labor, and I was so excited and ready to meet our baby.
Pain this time was different, I could breathe, and concentrate through each contraction. I still knew that I wanted an epidural. I know that this is a sensitive subject for some people, and everyone has their own opinion. I could have made it, but my experience with Brady was full of joy not pain, so why would I want to change that? I think everyone should see what their body can handle, and then go from there.
At around 6:00, I got my epidural, and immediately felt better. Brady and Nana and Gramps arrived, and I put on a little more make up, and enjoyed visiting. At 6:30 my doctor checked me, I was at 8cm, and broke my water. Brady and family came back in to visit, and I felt the need to push. They all left and my doctor came back. I pushed for 2 counts of 10 and he was out! Born at exactly 7:00, easiest labor ever!
No tearing, no stitches, nothing!
When his head was out we knew he was a boy. Such an exciting moment. Perfect, and looked just like Brady. He was covered in vernix, like no other baby I have ever seen.
He got cleaned up, and was able to nurse right away. He had a perfect latch from the start, and has ever since. We were so in love immediately.
The only bummer of his birth was that Jeremy wanted to tell everyone that he was a boy, and the nurse did it for us. Next time we know to tell the nurses that we would like to tell our family.
No one tells you that the after labor contractions hurt worse with your second baby. Well, they do! Ouch! Apparently they are even worse with the third baby.  At least when you are in labor you are working towards having your baby, but after just hurts!
We had to stay in the hospital for 24 hours, and we left at exactly 7:00 the next evening. We loved being home and a family of four ever since.
Bryson is such an amazing baby, and we know God has some awesome things planned for him in his life. He is easy going, and so happy. Truly blessed to have him as a son.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bubbles and Art

Over a month ago we were playing, and having fun and I decided to snap some pictures. Some days you just have to let go of control, and let your kids have fun making a mess. (Some days, not all, or I would go crazy!) I feel like too much of the time I am too busy to even play with Brady. Once I make time for it, I love it, and I am always so proud of what an amazing kid he is.

This day we played with paint, and Brady wanted a paint mustache. No idea where he got that from, but I was cool with it.

We also played with Gymboree bubbles. They are the absolute best bubbles. While Brady was in soccer they would land on the turf field and not pop.

It was a fun afternoon, and I know I will miss days like that when they get older. Cherishing it as long as I can.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Vaca

I wanted to share a quick post about our summer vacation a few weeks ago. We headed southwest to Southfork, Colorado. It was beautiful, and we really enjoy that area. They call it little Texas in that area because tons of Texans travel there, so we fit in well.
 On the way we stopped at the Great sand dunes. The sand was beautiful but very hot, so we did not stay for too long.  The sand gets to 140 degrees in the day!
We rented a house that slept 15, for all of our family, but the first night it was just our little family. It wasn't anything special, but at least I did not have to worry about Brady breaking anything.
On Thursday morning we checked out the river and beautiful scenery.
Thursday afternoon, after Nana, Gramps, Julie, T.J., and Zack got there, we checked out a reservoir and had dinner.
Friday morning, Nana watched the boys, while Jeremy fished, Julie, T.J. and I had breakfast, then sat by the river and relaxed looking at an IKEA catalog. It was lovely.
After we got back to the house we got ready and had a family photo shoot. Not everyone was cooperative, but we got some great photos, and I was happy. 
That afternoon, Jennifer, Bobby, Shawn, and Chelsey got there and we all headed to Pagosa Springs. Once we got there and headed to river, Nana had a very bad fall. We were so thankful that she was okay, but she was still really banged up. We got something to eat and headed back to the house.
Before we headed back, we sat in a park and talked. I had fun taking pics of the kids while they played.
Saturday the guys went fishing and golfing, while the girls and kids went on a hike, and to a near by town. 
At night the kids loved playing in the house hot tub. 
I made all the girls do glitter nails. So cute, but takes forever to get off. Even some boys got in on the action.
Sunday we had to leave. It was a fun family trip, and we were happy to all spend time together. 
I love vacations, already looking forward to planning another!   

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bryson's Photo Shoot

A few weeks back my friend Kersandra came over to do a little photo shoot with Bryson. It was such a blessing and I am so glad I have great pictures of him before he started growing like crazy.
Here are a few favorites, for all of them check facebook.

She even made a framed pic with his birth stats and an amazing photo book for us. It is so special to me. I am pretty sure she does not do the photo book and frame for everyone, but she can do great photos for you also!
If you are in the Colorado Springs area, or know someone who is, check out her facebook page, and get in contact with her for a photo session.
I am hoping to get a crocheted cocoon done in time for her next newborn photo shoot, so her pictures can be even cuter!
I love friends that are blessings in your life!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick Update

  • Bryson is such a great baby. He has taken to sleeping in his bed so well! Yesterday and today he slept in his bed for both morning and afternoon naps. That means I get to spend one on one time with Brady in the morning, which has been so needed, and improved his behavior. In the afternoon, I get a little over an hour to myself! It has been awesome, and I am getting a ton done! He is still sleeping in the bassinet at night. He is ready for his bed, but I am not. I am missing some of my snuggle time with him, so I secretly let him sleep with me after he wakes up for his 3am- ish feeding. (shhh, Don't tell my pediatrician)
  • Third time is the charm for potty training Brady. No pee accidents! He has a harder time for #2, but that has always been his biggest battle. He is quite private. Either way, he looks like he will be ready for preschool! YAY! 
  • If you are reading this, go right now to my other blog, and enter my giveaway. Even if you do not want to win, still enter. I can not even give something away? How am I gonna sell it!?! I guess, nobody said it would be easy.  

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bryson at 2 months

Bryson had his 2 month well baby check up today. He is perfect. He is 12 pounds, 1 ounce, and 24 inches long. He growing so well. I think he is extra chunky, but he is only in the 45th percentile. He also got his first shots today. He seemed okay, not too much crying when he got them, but now he is extra fussy. He got a little Tylenol, and should be good as new by tomorrow.
Today was supposed to be the day the boys hated. But Brady went to the Denver zoo with his Nana and cousins instead. They had been planning it all summer and today was the only day they could go. So I felt bad saying Brady had to stay home and potty train and then go to the doctor to get shots. Bryson did take about an hour nap in his crib this morning. Because Brady was gone I was able to do some laundry and a few things around the house. I could get used to that time.  
We already have a busy week and weekend ahead, along with sleep and potty training. Should be fun though, it always is around here!