Sunday, June 14, 2009

4 kids?

So this weekend Jeremy's sister and brother-in-law went on a much needed little vaca for their 15th anniversary. Congrats guys! So their 3 kids, (Shawn, 10, Chelsey, 6 in July, Zack, 3 next week) stayed with Nana and Gramps, (Jerms Parents) for the weekend. Because Jerms parents had a church BBQ planned in advance they asked if we could watch the kids Saturday night. So we did and had a great time. Even though it was 4 kids against 2 adults we had tons of fun and it made me think having 4 kids wouldn't be so bad, Jerm is not convinced. We walked to the park and played while Jerm and Shawn got in a basketball game, then walked home and had dinner. After playing some more, Brady and Zack had a bath while Chelsey helped. Well she started out helping but ended up getting a bath herself. I have fond memories of playing with my cousins, so I am so glad Brady has cousins he can see and play with often. He loves his cousins and has a blast playing with them.
WARNING: Cute baby nudity
The kids playing

Chelsey and her real live baby doll and Zack in background in the way too small excersaucer

Brady and Zack in the tub with Chels helping

Now the duck had to join in the tubAnd finally Chels just joined in and Brady says ... get me out of here!
Also Brady is almost walking! He does it best when he is not thinking about it or trying, so it is very hard to document, but here is a video of him trying.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost 1!

Brady is almost 1! He is too cute, we just love watching him grow, but he is almost 1! My little baby is almost all grown up! I know he will grow much more, but that is how it feels. He is slowly being weaned (woo hoo!), and he is very close to walking and it just seems to have happened so fast! Here is a video of Brady just after birth.

So he is grown up now, but I am so glad we have lots of video and pictures to always remember how little he was. He is still is so precious, and I feel like he will always be just a precious little baby in my eyes.

One fun thing about being grown up is having friends. Brady is special because he has a friend who is just 12 hours older than him. It is so neat to see the boys interact and play because they are so close in age. Brady's friend, Josiah, had his 1st birthday party a little early due to family being out of town, but the boys didn't know the difference and had a blast playing. Brady was definitely eyeing Josiah's presents and I had to reassure him he would get some of his own soon. Party season has just began, next is cousin Zack, then Brady (very excited!), then Uncle Bobby, and then cousin Chelsey. Wow that is a lot of cake, better get to the gym. We hope everyone is well and we will try to update more soon. Brady and the Birthday Boy having a crawling race

Surprisingly Brady enjoyed wearing his Elmo party hat

Brady with his cute goodie bag (bucket), he also won a prize for winning the stick the nose on the elmo game

Brady and Josiah having a playdate before their wonderful mommies took them swimming. They were not sharing well together, still working on that concept.