Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blog Anniversary

Happy Blog anniversary to me!

A year ago I started this blog, and what a fabulous year it has been!

Last February we saw how well Brady is growing up.

In March, Brady learned how to pull up on things, we celebrated Coco's birthday, played with lots of Brady's toys, and put Brady in baby jail. We also went to the dog park, celebrated St. Patricks day, had a bath, and went skiing.

In April Grandma came to visit, Brady fell asleep standing up, and we went to the park and the zoo.
In May we had camera problems, did some art work, played with the dogs, watched Daddy play softball, walked and screamed, got tagged, and started trouble.

June was fun with Brady getting close to turning one, thinking about having 4 kids, Brady's 1st hair cut, and his 1st birthday.

July was busy. We went to Glenwood Springs, talked about Jon and Kate, celebrated 4th of July, and had a random post.

In August Grandpa came to see us, we went to the splash park, shrank the hiney, toured some fancy houses, dislocated my patella, and went to the zoo.

September, we went to the park, played with bags, gave a Brady update, went to the balloon festival, did a Brady dance, and had a little helper.

In October we went to Breckenridge, an Airforce football game, saw the aspens, went to Houston, had the worst cookies ever, and celebrated Halloween.

November brought the cold, but we redecorated the playroom, saw how smart Brady is, and were very thankful.

In December We celebrated Christmas, and kind of slacked on blogging.

In January we had a shout out to our number one fan, played outside, did not have buyers remorse (yet), started a craft blog, and went to story time.

What a fun and busy year it was. I have really enjoyed blogging, and I hope to do a ton more in the future. Go back and see what we were up to if you missed anything. It is also so neat to see how much Brady has grown.
And to my wonderful readers, thanks for reading my blog!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Banana Bread

Fun day was last Saturday. Every Saturday is fun, but this day was so much fun for Brady that I like to call it his funniest day ever! (I know that is not a word!)

The first fun thing we did was to make Grandma's banana bread. Brady's Great-Grandma, Jerm's Paternal Grandma, has an amazing banana bread recipe. We really like it, and we had some bananas that were perfectly brown so we decided to make banana bread.

Normally I try to do these things away from Brady because he gets in the way. But the kitchen was already a mess, so I let him help.
(Don't judge, this picture was early in the morning)

He had a great time, and only made a small mess.

It tasted great, even better since Brady helped.

*On a side note, I am dying without a camera. How come Brady is cuter when I have no way to document it? I can't wait to get it back!*

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Elmo's Birthday - Part 2 Fun day

I am finally going to post the rest of our fun day, which was two weeks ago! Slacker, I know, but still no camera yet, so I can't do any better anytime soon.

The main reason for going to the mall on our fun day, was because at Borders bookstore, they were celebrating Elmo's birthday. We looove Elmo right now, so we had to celebrate his birthday. They had a few stories, games, coloring activities, and snacks.
Yummy cookie

hot cocoa

not very happy about another kid talking to his Mommy

Coloring an Elmo paper

We also played on the ride toys

Driving, beep, beep!

And we threw coins in the fountain

And we made some wishes

Along with Build a bear, and making banana bread, it was a wonderful day!

Build a bear - Part 1 Fun Day

*First off, my posts are going to be very spread out for the next few weeks. Hence the reason for four blog posts off of one day.
Unfortunately in the 5 seconds that Brady grabbed the camera yesterday, he managed to break it. :( This is the 3rd camera in a year!)
The first one, broke on it's own, a lens problem. Then we bought a cheap replacement. Shortly after Jeremy received a nice camera as a reward from work. I really liked that one. Because it was a prize it did not come with a receipt. So it was very frustrating when something on it broke, which causes it to take blurry pictures, and we could not get it fixed with a warranty. We would have to pay to get it fixed, so we set that one aside, and used the cheaper one. Now Brady has broken the cheaper one. So my plan is to send in the nice one and have it fixed, and hopefully have a camera back soon.
Long story short, we will be without a camera for a while so my posts will be boring. Sorry :(*

Now on to our day. Yesterday we had a wonderful day, excluding the camera breakage. It is really snowy and gross outside, but that did not stop us from having fun.

One of our very fun things was going for the first time to Build a Bear.

We got off of the elevator, and Brady ran towards the glass window with all the bears. I guess he did not realize it was glass, and crashed into the glass! He bounced off and on to the ground. He was fine and Jerm and I were laughing hysterically. We were still laughing, when everyone in the store, was very concerned about him, they heard the bang on the glass. Then we felt bad for laughing so hard, but it was still funny.

Brady picked out many bears. We finally decided on Bearemy, because of Daddy (Jeremy).

We put in his heart, and filled him up.

Then we washed him.

He ran, and rode around the mall with him.

They have been good buds ever since. We really wore him out and everyone had a great day.

Check out my craft blog to see Bearemy's new pants.

Also check out the rest of our fun day in the future.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New best friend

Brady has a new best friend. A new little boy he knows, maybe? One of the dogs? A stuffed animal? Nope none of those.

His new best friend is...

a balloon!

We are on week two of the never deflating balloon, and Brady loves this thing. He takes it everywhere with him. He goes up stairs, so does the balloon. I won't let him sleep with it but he would if he could. It does have to be in the room though.
He eats with it.

Last night we went to get ice cream for dessert, and the balloon came with.

ice cream from Melissa Yeats on Vimeo.

Notice the way he says balloon, too funny.

He plays with it.

And runs with it.

He loves that thing. Wonder what we will do once it finally deflates?


The following day, after this post, Brady fell asleep while watching sesame street, sitting up holding the balloon. I had to share!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cookie Monster

So we are definitely in a Sesame Street phase right now. We love all things Sesame Street. One of Brady's favorite characters in cookie monster, or as he calls him, cookie.

Wonder why he likes him so much, maybe because they are related?!?

That kid loves a good cookie!
On a side note, anyone seen the movie Baby Mama? I just laugh every time I think of the poop or chocolate scene. Watch this trailer. Oh so funny, I will spare you details, but I feel just like this sometimes!
The joys of parenthood!

Friday, February 5, 2010

He speaks

Brady is talking so much lately that I thought it would be wise to re-count all the words he knows. Last time I counted, which was two months ago he knew 30 words. Everyday he says more, and I am sure I will forget some.

I am putting it on the blog because I hope to get it printed one day. Did you know that you could do that? You can make your blog into a book, and have an amazing keepsake for your family. How awesome is that?

Anyway! Counting, as of today, he is 19 months, 2 weeks old, he says about 116 words or so. I know I missed some. There are a ton so feel free to skip some or them all.

1. Ma ma (of course I put this first, my favorite)
2. Da da (he yells this in the morning, looking for dada)
3. Coco (he says this often, one of his best friends)
4. Coke (Coco's nickname)
5. juice
6. milk (he also does sign language for this)
7. cracker
8. cookie
9. cheese
10. cake
11. ice
12. roni (macaroni)
13. snack
14. banana
15. orange
16. Belle (he way of saying it is la la la, weird)
17. night - night
18. nap
19. ball
20. dog
21. cow
22. cat
23. elmo (this also refers to any tv or movie)
24. Ernie (if we don't turn on the tv after he requests elmo, then he says ernie)
25. Cookie (as in cookie monster)
26. Abby (if we still have not turned on the tv he says abby, like we haven't gotten that he wants to watch tv already!)
27. Bert
28. Bird (big bird, can you tell what his favorite show is?)
29. jump (right before he tries to fly off the couch)
30. book (booke)
31. car
32. truck
33. outside
34. duck
35. hat
36. jacket
37. sock
38. shoe
39. shirt
40. pants
41. fish
42. church
43. Amen (so sweet)
44. Jesus
45. airplane
46. eye ( he also knows where all of his body parts are)
47. mouth
48. ear
49. chin
50. tongue
51. hair
52. nose
53. teeth
54. belly
55. hiney
56. diaper
57. wipe
58. poo poo
59. block
60. bath
61. bubble
62. cup
63. brush (toothbrush)
64. Brady
65. please (very rare, his least favorite word)
66. tree
67. pee pee
68. owee
69. bye bye
70. hi
71. brrrr
72. cold
73. hot
74. chip
75. dip
76. up
77. Nana
78. Gramps
79. Grandma
80. Grandpa
81. Andy
82. Jenn
83. Bobby
84. Juju (short for Aunt Julie)
85. Zack (Zacky) (his cousin, who he loves so much and cries when he must leave him)
86. Chelsey
87. Shawn
88. Candy
89. baby
90. la la la la la (elmos world song)
91. me
92. A b (Abc's)
93. upstairs
94. bike
95. yes
96. bow bow
97. move (this is used often when trying to get Belle and Coco to move)
98. sticker (sticky)
99. mine (my least favorite word, he is not nice about using it either)
100. fun
101. nummy (a word I say for yummy)
the following are noises but we are counting them as words
102. neigh
103. giraffe noise (which is a chewing noise, since giraffes don't really make a noise)
104. elephant noise, with arm as the trunk
105. barking ( arrf, woof, grrr, he knows many dog noises)
106. meow
107. roar
108. pig
109. baa
110. moo
111. ssss (a snake)
112. vroom
113. mah (like a goat)
114. No (how could I forget this one)
115. more (he uses this word most often, and just in case we don't understand, or get him what he wants fast enough, he will do sign language for it too)
116. balloon

He will pretty much repeat anything you ask him to, except thank you. We can not get him to say thank you, and he would rather throw a 30 minute temper tantrum than say please. The next year should be interesting!

He is growing up so fast, and we can't wait to see what else he has to tell us.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When Mommy is away...

When Mommy is away, this is what happens to the floor.

At least Brady and Daddy had a fun time, and a little crayon on the floor is well worth some Mommy freedom! :)