Sunday, February 21, 2010

Build a bear - Part 1 Fun Day

*First off, my posts are going to be very spread out for the next few weeks. Hence the reason for four blog posts off of one day.
Unfortunately in the 5 seconds that Brady grabbed the camera yesterday, he managed to break it. :( This is the 3rd camera in a year!)
The first one, broke on it's own, a lens problem. Then we bought a cheap replacement. Shortly after Jeremy received a nice camera as a reward from work. I really liked that one. Because it was a prize it did not come with a receipt. So it was very frustrating when something on it broke, which causes it to take blurry pictures, and we could not get it fixed with a warranty. We would have to pay to get it fixed, so we set that one aside, and used the cheaper one. Now Brady has broken the cheaper one. So my plan is to send in the nice one and have it fixed, and hopefully have a camera back soon.
Long story short, we will be without a camera for a while so my posts will be boring. Sorry :(*

Now on to our day. Yesterday we had a wonderful day, excluding the camera breakage. It is really snowy and gross outside, but that did not stop us from having fun.

One of our very fun things was going for the first time to Build a Bear.

We got off of the elevator, and Brady ran towards the glass window with all the bears. I guess he did not realize it was glass, and crashed into the glass! He bounced off and on to the ground. He was fine and Jerm and I were laughing hysterically. We were still laughing, when everyone in the store, was very concerned about him, they heard the bang on the glass. Then we felt bad for laughing so hard, but it was still funny.

Brady picked out many bears. We finally decided on Bearemy, because of Daddy (Jeremy).

We put in his heart, and filled him up.

Then we washed him.

He ran, and rode around the mall with him.

They have been good buds ever since. We really wore him out and everyone had a great day.

Check out my craft blog to see Bearemy's new pants.

Also check out the rest of our fun day in the future.

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