Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bryson's Dedication

On Sunday, Bryson was dedicated at church. It feels like yesterday that Brady was dedicated!  
 Aren't they precious. It is hard to tell, but I made them matching ties. I love dressing them alike.
 Our happy family. 
 Bryson loves his Gramps. 
 Nana, Gramps, Aunt Jen, and cousin Chelsey were able to make it to support our sweet boy. 
 We have had a lot of babies at church recently. 
 It was such a special day, and we just know that God has amazing plans for his life. 

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  1. So sweet and good lawd woman you look GORGEOUS in those pics! Need to see your face sooner rather than later. Please tell me a trip to Htown is in your near future?