Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1st day of Preschool

Last Thursday was Brady first day of preschool. Every day for weeks he would ask if school was today. It was so nice when we could finally say yes!

He loves it! It is amazing, how after one day of preschool he is now longer shy. He will talk to everyone. Crazy, but good.

After his first day, during dinner, we did a little interview. You can tell from the interview what we were having for dinner. I did not prompt him for anything, I wrote down exactly what he said so it was very accurate. I think it will be cute to do again in future years on his firsts days of school.

- What is your name? Brady (Bray -de)
- How old are you? Three (with fingers) he then says 3 months old
- What is your favorite color? Orange
- Who is your best friend? Julien and Jayce
- Favorite animal? Giraffes, Monkeys, and Gorillas
- Who do you want to be when you grow up? The chicken
- What is your favorite movie? Jake and the Neverland Pirates
- What is your favorite book? Clifford book
- What makes you happy? Silly things
-What makes you sad? When Belle and Coco run into my friends house and make me cry (?)
- What is your favorite song to sing? ABC's (and then starts singing, but starts with the letter H)
- What games to do like to play? The Toy Story game

Can not believe that my baby is in school. He has left the nest. But when I pick him up and he runs to me and yells mommy, it melts my heart. We talk about his day, and he is so excited to tell me all about it and I love it. I am sad that my baby is growing up, but he is having a wonderful life and childhood, and what parent wouldn't want that for their child. He is only 3 and I am so proud of him.

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