Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I have been thinking about this for awhile, but I think I am going to unplug a bit. To explain let me share how many things I am currently involved in online. (By the way this post is completely ironic, so if you are thinking that then yes, you are correct.)

  • a personal email
  • a business/blog - proverbs31 life email
  • an other email, gmail account
  • this blog
  • proverbs31 life blog
  • my Jamberry nails website
  • my etsy site
  • My facebook page
  • My proverbs31 life facebook page
  • My jamberry facebook page
  • pintrest
  • google plus account (so lost on this one)
It is a lot. I do not check everything each day but, to check that many things a day is very time consuming. I have realized that I was spending too much time on the computer, so I set a goal of only an hour and a half a day. This seems like a lot, but after emails, and workish stuff, it is not very much time. Slowly time was still increasing.

Yesterday, a friend suddenly lost her dad. I am praying for this family, and I know that they are comforted by God's grace and promise of eternal life.
I am so sad for them but it made me think, something I do not think about enough. 

If something were to suddenly happen to me, and I found myself kneeling before God, being judged for my life, what would I say? Would I say that, no Lord, I did not have time to properly worship you each day because I needed to blog? Would I say that instead of really getting into Your Word, I hurried through my bible study time, so I could send some emails? Would I say, I did not properly train up my children in Your Word because I was too tired to do their bible study time, since I stayed up on the computer the night before?  Unfortunately I won't need to say these things, because they are true. They have happened. I will have to give an account for that time, and it is not good.  
I need to repent for that, and I will change my ways. 
I am not saying that no computer time is what God wants. But I am saying that putting something before God is wrong. It is idolatry, and my idol has been the computer. 

I am going to unplug some. I probably will not be reading many blogs. I will not be getting on pintrest. I will check email and facebook for business stuff. I might blog once a week. I am going to be very strict with my computer time, and do a little detox. 
I want to love the Lord with my whole heart, my whole soul, my whole strength, and my whole mind. I want to be able to account for my time, and I need to change some priority's in my life. There will be an account for both good and bad. I am always growing and I am just so thankful, that God is forgiving, and no matter what always loves me! 

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