Sunday, August 30, 2009

Staycation Saturdays - the zoo

So this weeks Staycation Saturday (on Sunday due to knee, see previous post) is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
We give the zoo one $ for cheap, and **** four out of four stars for family fun. So it is a great family fun place to go. We have a membership to the zoo so we go often. It is free for Brady and also one guest. I think we may have visited the zoo at least ten times this summer, but we love it. It is built into the side of Cheyenne mountain, hence the name, and not only is it fun for the kids, but it is a great workout, especially while pushing a stroller.
At our zoo you can watch grizzlies catch fish, pet wallabies, feed giraffes and birds, and take a mountain sky ride. It is a blast, hope you can check it out if you are ever in town.
Here are pictures from the many zoo visits this summer.


So to start with this story I must start with the story of my cell phone. Before Brady was born I had my trusty, basic cell phone. It was nothing special, I have never really needed or wanted a crazy expensive cell phone. I just need it for texting and calling, but when Brady was born I was happy about getting a phone with a camera, for those super cute baby moments. So just before Brady was born I got a new but free phone, and I was very happy with it.
Several months later, I had set Brady down, used the restroom, heard the house phone ring, ran got the phone, washed my hands, picked up the crying baby, picked up my ringing cell phone, (all while on the house phone), flushed the toilet, answered the cell phone, dropped the cell phone, FLUSHED the cell phone, Nooooo! As I watched it being flushed I could only think of the expensive plumber bill, after our pipes exploding from my little mistake. Thankfully we have yet to have a problem with the pipes, but that phone is long gone!
Jeremy had an extra phone which was really nice, and it could email and everything, (not like I knew how to do that). Unfortunately that phone fell off a ski lift, and even after it was retrieved from a huge pile of snow, it still did not work properly. So I was back to the old trusty pre-Brady phone. That phone started to not work and would barely hold a charge, so Jerm found me a used phone for cheap. It worked great and I was back in business, that is until Brady got a hold of it, and a few slobbery times to keep Brady from screaming in a public place, and it no longer works. It can text and make calls but, you can't hear anything and the person on the other end just hears static, it also makes no sounds to let you know a text or a call was missed.

Friday morning the plan was to go grocery shopping early, clean, get a new phone, and maybe go workout. We had a good start, Brady and I were at the grocery store before 8 and back by 8:30. We got the groceries inside and went back out to get my purse and Brady's bag and that is when it happened.
Somehow I twisted and stepped the wrong way and felt a horrible pain in my right knee. I was holding Brady, and I sunked down into the car in the front passenger seat. That when I looked down and screamed. The only thing I saw was a bone not where it was supposed to be sticking out of the joint. I could not move, and at this point Brady was terrified due to my scream. I had my purse nearby because I was getting it out of the car, but I knew I could only text. I was so scared and was only able to text Jerm. "help come". I meant to explain so that he would come as fast as he could but I was panicked. Our garage was still open, so I started to scream for help, hoping our neighbors would hear me and help me. (I know now that you are supposed to scream FIRE because thats when people come, FYI.) This of course only scared Brady more. Jeremy was trying to call me, but I knew he could not hear me when I picked up, but I was hoping he would understand he needed to come home. After ten minutes of screaming for help and praying, I started to text a friend who I knew would be the closest, and could get to me the fastest. At the same time someone drove by with their window down, and I waved and screamed, no stop. We have awesome neighbors, huh? After that I just sobbed and prayed. Mid sob, miraculously something popped back into place.
I crawled into the house and at that point Jerm was calling the house phone and he was on his way home. I sat on the floor in the kitchen still in a tremendous amount of pain. Poor Brady just brought me his bubbles and kept saying "bub-ble", poor thing was trying to make me feel better, so I blew some bubbles for him and waited.

Turns out I dislocated my patella, (knee-cap). It was amazing to me how without any force on it, that happened. Luckily Jerm knows many orthopedic surgeons and was able to get me to one right away. I was very thankful that we did not have to go to the hospital, and that turned out to be the best thing of all. Because of my wonderful husband and his doctor friends I had x-rays, professional opinions, and a brace, all "pro-bono"!
I am now resting and recovering. I will start physical therapy soon which should hopefully stop this from happening again. Unfortunately once it happens, it is likely to happen again, and after that I would have to have surgery. So any prayers, that it doesn't happen again, would be appreciated.
I should have taken a picture of my patella on the side of my leg, but I was a little pre-occupied at the time. Here is a picture I googled, surprisingly mine was worse!

Here is a picture of my brace...

That is my sad story. Don't you feel so sorry for me, just kidding! I am sure I will be back to normal soon, and I am chasing/limping after my little toddler just fine, so far. Jerm has been taking very good care of me all weekend, what a great husband. So needless to say project shrink the hiney is on hold. Like I said Bummer! One thing that easily cheers me up is this precious face, how could you resist? Hope it cheers you up too, and watch your patellas people!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

staycation saturday postponed

So staycation saturday is going to have to be postponed due to the fact that I really hurt my knee, long story, but please check back and I will try to get to it soon.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Staycation Saturdays

I am going to start a new weekly blog called Staycation Saturdays. Mostly because it will force me to blog more often. I also feel that I have a lot of ideas for our area of Colorado, and it will give us a chance to explore more, for "research" of course. A staycation is a term that has been used due to our economic climate, and people wanting to save money. This works for me because we are always wanting ways to save money, but still want to keep ourselves entertained. I am going to rate the adventures by price ($) and family fun (*). So I hope this keeps any readers interested and maybe it will spark some who will want to visit wonderful Colorado.

Our first staycation idea is to attend the Parade of Homes. I rate this activity by one $ for really cheap. And only one * for family fun. I love this activity BUT it is not that family friendly, it is more for adults.

In and around Colorado Springs the local home builders open their homes for the public to view. The houses range in price from $200,000 to $3 million +. They are all furnished and decorated very nicely. Some people come prepared with notes and cameras to take pictures and borrow ideas. I just enjoy dreaming really. Jeremy and I like to discuss what we like or dislike, what we would do or not. Our Parade last several weekends, and we take advantage of that. Brady, and Jeremy too, get tired of looking at all the houses, so we try to have lunch or run errands in between.
Here is a link to the Colorado Springs Parade
CS parade of homes

They also have a parade in summit county, which is where Breckenridge and surrounding areas are. One of our dreams is to one day have a mountain house near ski slopes and other mountain activities. Summit county seems to be the perfect place for my dream mountain house, and they have a parade of homes too. We have never been but it seems that it would be tons of fun. Maybe when Brady is older and can take two long car rides in one day.
Sumit county parade

There are parades in most towns. So my suggestion is to check them out in your area. Even if you have just once tuned in to a house hunters episode on HGTV this is an experience for you!

Stay tuned next week, we will feed Giraffes and swim with bears!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Project Shrink the Hiney

A looong time ago I had a problem with my weight, or so I thought. I was teased about it and would come home from school crying because of it. Oh silly little girl, I was so blessed to be thin! I mean the fact that I let kids get to me because I was skinny is just crazy! As an adult you are complemented if you are thin, and our culture is obsessed with it. I hope that Brady will be able to realize early on that what his peers say about him does not make it true. I hope that he will be a strong individual and know that God made him perfectly and anyone that goes against that, is going against something that God took time to lovingly create.

Unfortunately before becoming pregnant with Brady I gain a little more weight than I wanted. I blame it on fertility drugs but honestly, I ate whatever I wanted and never worked out. After Brady I was determined to shed the baby weight and a little extra too. I treated myself with a personal trainer and also with breastfeeding, I was very pleased at how quickly the weight came off. I lost a little more than 15 pounds and I was so happy. After I stopped breastfeeding Brady it seemed to be coming back. Slowly like a creeping haunting thing it was slowly coming back.Here is a picture of me at my largest, I know I was about to give birth, but it is still motivation for me.

Brady and I would go to the pool and see these moms and their bikinis and flat stomachs and I would just sit in awe. How do they do that? I am not sure, but after wanting to run for my towel, and then when the 60+ year old woman kicked my butt in body pump, I decided I am on a mission. I do not consider myself to be vain, I just want to be happy and fit.

So today the project started. We are members of an awesome gym so I really have no excuse to work out. It has every amenity you could want and also a great place for Brady. Villa Sport And to any Houston readers they have one in the Woodlands also, if you are close check it out. Today I was very proud of myself and ran 2 miles without stopping. My mom can run marathons but for me this is very good. After a few other exercises and the row machine, I was spent. I was an awesome feeling though and I am ready for more!

I wont upload pictures, but I will keep you updated. Who knows maybe I will be running a marathon in the future,(Julie, Jenn Bolder Boulder?). My goal is just to be able to wear a bathing suit with no shame, and I am looking forward to that day :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Splash park and Sox the Fox

The highlights of our week, this week, were going to the splash park with Brady's cousins and going to a baseball game with friends.
So Wednesday we had a picnic and played at the park with Aunt Jennifer, cousins Chelsey, Zack, and Nana. It was a gorgeous day and we did not want to leave. Brady thinks he is just a big kid now and loves to follow his cousins around. It is also nice because Brady just wanders around and Nana is so sweet to follow him around while I relaxed and soaked up the sun. The kids had a blast and no one wanted to leave, so we will definitely have to go back.
Zack on the slide

Brady Playing in the water

Chels and Brady

The kids in the water

He loves to play in the water

Brady and Chels on the Slide

Cool Dude

Friday night we went just down the road to our minor league baseball stadium the Sky Sox. I was another wonderful Colorado night, and thanks to friends we had awesome and free seats. Brady was rather calm mostly because he was entertained by Sox the Fox, the mascot, dancing and cheering in front of him. He loved that thing, and we tried to get pictures with him, but every time we went up to get a pic he ran away. Then our camera stopped working! I was really frustrated but Brady still had fun. The best thing about Sky Sox on Fridays is Friday night fireworks. There are always awesome fireworks after the game. Brady almost made it, he fell asleep right before they started, and it was very difficult for me to wake him back up, poor guy. But he ohhed and ahhed and was just a great little boy all night. I am not ready for Summer to end!
Brady and I

Watching Sox the Fox

Sox the Fox

Today we are going to one of my favorites, the parade of homes, where we get to tour million dollar+ homes . And then this evening is Date night while Brady is spoiled by Nana and Gramps. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Last week my dad and stepmom came to visit from Texas. They came to spend time with us, have a little vacation, and try to beat the heat. They wanted cool, and they got cool, we had days where the high was 65! We also got a ton of rain, so it put a damper on some of our plans. We went to ride a train though the Royal Gorge and that was really fun. Unfortunately we still had camera problems so we did not get any pictures but it was beautiful. For Brady's birthday Grandpa took Brady on a toys r us shopping spree, and defiantly spoiled him. Jeremy and I also got spoiled with a Christmas in July present of a new storm door. We don't have AC so with this new front door we can have the screen open and our backdoor screen open and a nice breeze flows though our house. Dad did a great job installing it and we love it. Their last day here we went to Boulder and toured the city. Overall it was a great visit and we can't wait to see them again in soon in Houston.