Friday, January 29, 2010

Story Time

We love story time at our library. We started attending baby time when Brady was really young, and when we grew out of it we were a little sad. But quickly we grew to love toddler time. Brady still sits there like he is too cool for it, but he is coming around.

He still sucks his thumb, which we are working on, and it is at his worse when he is sleep or while reading books. So of course during story time at the library, he sucks his thumb. No interaction, no wheels on the bus, no isty bitsy spider, just thumb sucking.

(I know Brady would be upset if he knew I posted these pictures, but he had a haircut right after this, and now looks much cuter.)

Lately he has become bold, and he gets up and stands in front, waiting to be first to get scarfs. At the end of each story time, each child gets a scarf and we sing two songs with the scarfs. Everyone loves the scarfs, including Brady.
He basicly pushes kids out of the way to get his scarf, sometimes scarfs if he is being gready. Then we shake our scarfs in the air and have a great time.
Give me my scarf!

Shaking his scarf

We love the library!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Naptime Crafts

Check out my new Blog, Naptime Crafts.(Because I keep up so well with this one ha ha!) Hope you all check it out, and enjoy it.

Buyers Remorse

Today we had a nice relaxing day, and had some quality family time. Perfect Saturday. This evening our niece Chelsey had a music/piano recital, and she did so great! We all went out to dinner afterward, which was not so fun due to Brady's wonderful restaurant behavior. :(

The restaurant was in the same shopping center/ outdoor mall area as one of my favorite stores (Ann Taylor Loft). I noticed the "extra 40% off" sign in the window and I could not resist. Jerm and Brady drove around while I very quickly browsed inside. I did not even bring in my wallet, that is how quick my browsing was going to be.

Of course they had awesome deals. Nice $12 jeans, cheap shirts, pants, everything was cheap. One thing that stood out to me were some !$1 shorts! One dollar people! I frantically looked, but the sizes were all 12 or 14. Now at one point I would have been able to fit into them, but I have worked hard, and thankfully now those would be too big. I knew Brady and Jerm were waiting, so I said goodbye to the super cheap, cute, shorts, and went back to meet my boys.

The thing is, I can't get that good deal out of my mind. I am a sucker for sales. I now have a sewing machine, so how hard could it be to take in those shorts? No idea, but I think I might try. Jeremy suggested that I could even just use the fabric, or sell the shorts on ebay.

I looked online, and they aren't online, but here is a picture or some that are similar. The ones I really enjoyed were khaki and not a print, but you get the idea.

I am afraid of having buyers remorse, BUT, you can't even buy a coffee for that little. So tomorrow, during nap time, I am headed back to get some shorts. I will let you know how they work out.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Brady loooves being outside. Sunshine, rain, or snow. He does not care. He just loves playing outside. Every morning he wakes up and says "outside?" It is too cute!

I have to be strategic about getting him in and out of the car. He will run if he gets put down, or if no one is holding his hand. Just this morning when I was trying to get Brady and the dry cleaning out of the car, he ran, as fast as he could down the sidewalk. He is very fast, and I was in heels, so he made it 3 houses down before I could catch him.

So needless to say, once the warm weather comes back we will be spending a ton of time outside.

Here is a few pictures of Brady and Jeremy playing on a strangely warm, but snowy day.

For my #1 fan

So my number one blog fan pointed out to me today that I am a horrible blogger! Since getting my sewing machine I have been preoccupied with crafting. Any spare time I have, is spent reading craft blogs, or doing craft projects. I am kinda obsessed!

So I am making it my goal to start blogging more often. I am excited to share what we have been up too and how we are doing. Hopefully you will read some interesting stuff soon!

Thanks Mom for being my number one fan, I love you!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas time

Christmas this year was a ton of fun. When we moved here, 6 and 1/2 years ago (which is crazy), we decided to go back to Houston for Christmas every other year. This year was our year off from traveling. We were excited to have our little family at home on Christmas morning, and we were also very excited to start our own family traditions.
Here is the huge mess Christmas morning.

Some of my favorite presents are my crochet starter set, some cute clothes, my recipe organizer, and most of all my sewing machine! Jeremy did such a great job surprising me, and I love my sewing machine.
Jeremy got a trip of his choice, for his birthday in April. We are still in the planning stages, but it should be a great trip.
Brady really enjoyed all of his presents. A few favorites were, an Elmo DVD, the game Elefun, and his ball pit. Here is a quick video of him diving into his ball pit.

Brady jumping in his ball pit from Melissa Yeats on Vimeo.

After opening presents, and Brady having a quick nap, we headed over to Jeremy's sister, Jennifer's, house and celebrated Christmas with family. Brady had a blast with his cousins, as usual, and he also enjoyed getting to know his great-grandparents better. They came to visit from Texas, and it was really nice to spend Christmas with them.

Overall it was an awesome Christmas, and we loved celebrating this holiday season together.