Saturday, January 23, 2010

Buyers Remorse

Today we had a nice relaxing day, and had some quality family time. Perfect Saturday. This evening our niece Chelsey had a music/piano recital, and she did so great! We all went out to dinner afterward, which was not so fun due to Brady's wonderful restaurant behavior. :(

The restaurant was in the same shopping center/ outdoor mall area as one of my favorite stores (Ann Taylor Loft). I noticed the "extra 40% off" sign in the window and I could not resist. Jerm and Brady drove around while I very quickly browsed inside. I did not even bring in my wallet, that is how quick my browsing was going to be.

Of course they had awesome deals. Nice $12 jeans, cheap shirts, pants, everything was cheap. One thing that stood out to me were some !$1 shorts! One dollar people! I frantically looked, but the sizes were all 12 or 14. Now at one point I would have been able to fit into them, but I have worked hard, and thankfully now those would be too big. I knew Brady and Jerm were waiting, so I said goodbye to the super cheap, cute, shorts, and went back to meet my boys.

The thing is, I can't get that good deal out of my mind. I am a sucker for sales. I now have a sewing machine, so how hard could it be to take in those shorts? No idea, but I think I might try. Jeremy suggested that I could even just use the fabric, or sell the shorts on ebay.

I looked online, and they aren't online, but here is a picture or some that are similar. The ones I really enjoyed were khaki and not a print, but you get the idea.

I am afraid of having buyers remorse, BUT, you can't even buy a coffee for that little. So tomorrow, during nap time, I am headed back to get some shorts. I will let you know how they work out.

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