Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grandma Carter

Sadly on Saturday Jeremy's Grandmother went to be with the Lord. She lived a long, wonderful life, and would have been 93 in September. She will be so dearly missed, but it makes glad that she is in Heaven rejoicing right now.

Because of travel issues Brady and I could not make it down to Houston to celebrate her life, but Jeremy is there with his parents and sisters. I am praying for Jeremy's Mom right now because of her loss, and I am sure she would appreciate any prayers her way.

It is sad that Brady will not remember his great-grandma, but we will make sure to tell tons of stories, and he can know her that way. He will surely laugh when he hears what a character she was.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Fun

We have been having to much fun enjoying the summer to blog. Not really, but it sounds better than, I have been too lazy to blog. Sorry.

Here is Brady having fun in the local splash fountain.

Love that boy. We are going to a water park this weekend, and that should be fun. In a few weeks we are going camping, and we are very excited about that. Hope you are all enjoying your summer.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brady's 1st movie

This weekend we took Brady to see his first movie, Toy Story 3, and we were so happy with how well he did and how much he liked it. We have been watching the older Toy Story movies to catch Brady up. His favorite is Buzz. We tried to take him on his actual birthday, but Jerm was on call and had to work late so we did not make it.

We planned to go on Saturday morning, at 11, to the theater near our house. We got there fifteen minutes early, and Brady was very excited, but sadly the movie was sold out. We quickly got the times at another theater, and hurried over there. Brady did not understand at first, and we thought we may have a melt down, but we promised him tickets after the drive, and that seemed to pacify him.

Strangely the other theater was sold out, but the second one we went to we were 3 of the 7 people in the movie. That was fine with us, we sis not want to be sitting next to a ton of other people anyway. It was 3D so we a little worried he would not keep his glasses on, but he loved it, and did great. It was strange to see him, awake but not moving, besides eating his popcorn, for 45 minutes. I did not think he could be still while being awake! We kept asking if he was okay but he was just mesmerized. He started to get restless toward the end, but he just moved around some, and then he was fine.

Such a great movie, although I think the first one is still my favorite. Hopefully we will be able to go to more movies as a family in the future.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Hope you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. In honor of our wonderful nation and it's birthday, I wanted to share with you a website that I really enjoy. Wall builders It celebrates the history of our nation, but especially the christian values that our nation was based on. Check it out, enjoy, and read a little about our nation. We are so truly blessed, and I thank God that I live in such a wonderful place. Happy Birthday America!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Brady's Birthday Week

Just like his momma Brady likes to drag his birthday out and have many special celebrations throughout the week. Saturday was his party, which was tons of fun, and you can read all about it on a previous post.

Monday was his actual birthday so we headed to one of his favorite places, the zoo. My mom had never been to our zoo, and I think she had fun.
Feeding the giraffes

Petting the baby wallaby

Feeding the birds

Riding the merry-go-round

That evening we went to a local, Chuckie cheese kind of place, and had pizza and played. Brady got a build a bear gift card from friends, in the mail for his birthday, and he insisted on paying for dinner with it. Wasn't that so sweet of him?

We had fun, but we did have a little incident where Jerm had to yell at a teenage girl who worked there. She wanted to close the sand area early so she would not have to work as late, and Brady was still playing in there. That poor girl hates her job, but Brady did get to play in the sand pit, thanks Daddy!

After pizza and playing, we came back home for cake and a few more presents.

Yesterday, he got even more presents.
Tomorrow we are going to go to see Toy Story 3 for even more of a birthday celebration. I can't even count how many presents he got. I guess I better start on thank you notes! What a blessed boy!