Saturday, February 28, 2009

Growing Up

Well Brady is all grown up! Not really, but he has grown so much in his 8 months of life. He now eats all kinds of food, he even eats tender beef with spinach and carrots, although it is pureed. Ymmm. Here Brady is neatly feeding himself applesauce.
He can sit up all by himself and play. The days are over, when we could trust that Brady would not get into anything. He can crawl, not so fast yet, but he is getting there. He likes to crawl after the dogs, and they keep him busy, by quickly moving once he gets to them.

He has recently learned how to sit on his knees, and he is starting to pull up on things. Next thing you know he will be standing and then walking. We will be running after Brady, and be very tired, in a few short months. Brady has also figured out how to scream at the top of his lungs to get what he wants. He has already learned how effective this can be, especially in a restaurant or in public. He is such a big boy he likes to be into EVERYTHING! I let him help with laundry and it only takes double the time, but I have someone else to blame the wrinkles on.

So today we are remembering just eight months ago our little baby being born. We were so excited and scared. But if we would have known how much fun it is and how wonderful it is to be his parents, we would have done this a long time ago. They grow up so fast and we are just so excited to see what kind of boy and eventually man he will become.